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My Daily Makeup Routine

Hi everyone!! Today I will be telling you all the beauty products I use on a daily bases. My makeup routine has changed a lot in the past few weeks. I have discovered a lot of new things that I love! Enjoy! Primer - Benefit Porefessional I love this primer, it is such a unique consistency.… Continue reading My Daily Makeup Routine

beauty, beauty haul, sephora, skincare

Help Me!

Hi everyone! I have a few questions for you that would really help me. First is it acceptable to post Christmas posts yet and what posts do you want to see? Also what kind of posts should I do soon? What are things I can do to help my blog grow? Please help me and… Continue reading Help Me!

beauty, beauty haul, sephora

Sephora Haul!!!

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I have been really busy. I recently purchased a couple products from Sephora. I love every one of them and now am in a really spendy/shopping mood. But anyway these are the products I got! Benefit Pore-fessional Primer (mini)  - $12 I have heard great things… Continue reading Sephora Haul!!!

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Makeup on a Budget

Hi everyone! Today I am going to show you what I would use to do my makeup using drugstore products. Most of these products I actually use every day and love! Don't forget to like this post, and enjoy! Primer - Milani Make It Dewy - $10 This is actually setting spray but I found that… Continue reading Makeup on a Budget

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Best DIY Face Masks!!

I am going to give you guys the recipe for 4 DIY face masks that are so easy to make. These masks help my skin feel and look it's best. All of these ingredients are things you have around the house. So enjoy!! 1.  Acne  Crushed Aspirin Water 2. Moisturizing + Glow Coconut oil Honey  Charcoal capsule… Continue reading Best DIY Face Masks!!

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How to Get Clear Skin that Glows!!

1. Use Moisturizer  Always use moisturizer, always no matter what skin type. Moisturizer helps your skin be healthier and glow. It also helps your makeup go on flawlessly. Most people think that if you have oily skin you shouldn't use a moisturizer but your skin can be oily because it is to dry. So test… Continue reading How to Get Clear Skin that Glows!!

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The BEST Under Eye Concealer

I have really dark under eye circles, and any one who has them knows they are a curse. I have tried so many concealers to try to brighten and cover them up. But a TON of concealers don't work very well so I will be letting you know my favorite concealer to use, and some… Continue reading The BEST Under Eye Concealer

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Beauty and Skincare Haul

This weekend I visited Ulta and a few other stores and bought a few products. So I will be going through them and telling you my first impressions and how I like them. Bare Minerals Pressed Powder Foundation - $30 I have tried an old version of this and I liked it so when I… Continue reading Beauty and Skincare Haul


How to Look Better Without Makeup

So I know I do makeup reviews and don't get me wrong I love makeup, but it is nice to have a makeup free day. To some people these can be scary. This post is going to be a list of things you can do to enhance your natural features and feel better about yourself!… Continue reading How to Look Better Without Makeup


Benefit – Erase Case

I recently purchase benefits new Boing Erase Case for $26.00. It is a tester size kit with all 4 of their new concealers included. It comes in a small pencil case, and when I say pencil case it is actually a pencil bag. I am going to be reviewing each of their new concealers. The… Continue reading Benefit – Erase Case